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2x4 settings

micbobmicbob Posts: 16
I setup my 260 via wizard for 2x4 jbl srx 725 and 728s. I noticed there is a signal being sent to channels 5&6 as well. Shouldn't it only be 1&2 for highs and 3&4 for lows? Also, is there any known setting for pl380 amp for subs? Thanks


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Wizard using the front panel or Wizard using Driveware GUI?

    I mimic'ed your setup and 5 was assigned A and 6 was assigned B. Every output has to be assigned an input. Just mute the outputs.

    You can find a similarly gained and powered amp that matches the PL.

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    micbobmicbob Posts: 16
    Thanks for reply, front panel. Used 260 for first time tonight felt had good gain structure and never clipped amp but blew horn in 728. Never happened
    Before. Also went with 32db v instead of the 26db I was using on pl380.
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