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Driverack PA2 no sound after running wizard

djbrianbdjbrianb Posts: 3
edited May 2015 in PA General Discussion
Newbie here looking for advice. Purchased a PA2 to run with my JBL PRX712 tops and JBL PRX718XLF subs. When running the all wizards option during level assist I can hear the test tones coming out from each speaker. After completing the setup of the wizard, I can see the signal from my board hitting the PA2 but there is no sound coming from the speakers.

I had to bypass my PA2 at the gig this past weekend. Has anyone experienced this before?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Make sure you out of the Wizard.
    Are the mutes on? Turn them off.
    If that is not the problem, then...
    Load preset #78-81, whichever one best describes your set-up. Do you have sound now?

  • djbrianbdjbrianb Posts: 3
    Damn, I feel really stupid. I should have read the manual and I would have known that the mutes are on by default.

    Thanks DRA for your help! :D
  • mbdundee00mbdundee00 Posts: 7
    Just info if someone else runs into this, with the PA2 when you load a new config it automatically mutes all output, regardless of how the config was saved previously. This is different than the PA+ and will make a very awkward silence if you decide to change configs in the middle of a set. With the PA+ I used to do a couple of subtly different stored configs and do an A/B comparison, not a pleasant outcome if you do this with a PA2.
    There is also a configuration parameter under the Utility screen that either powers up always with mutes on or powers up with mutes using same settings prior to power down.
    The loading a new config got me once or twice before I caught on. There is also an inconvenience in the mobile app that on the main screen where the upper right display of the outputs does not show the mutes on when changing configs, you need to click on the on it and then it brings up the complete view of the outputs with mutes where you can remotely turn them off.
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