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Transferring Settings To New Unit

pangell44pangell44 Posts: 21

I've been using a Driverack 260 for about 2 1/2 years with much success, thanks in great part to help from this forum. I recently picked up another unit as a back up because I realized 1) how reliant I am on the unit for everything it does for our live sound setup, and 2) that I am OCD about redundancy and equipment failures.

So I need to transfer my settings from the old unit to the new one, but everything I read about connecting the unit to a pc seems to be tricky and filled with frustration. Is there an easy way in 2015 to connect the 260 to my windows 7 pc? I see posts from the last 10 years and it still seems hit or miss. Way too complicated with adapters that might work, com settings, replacing new device drivers with old ones, etc.

If not, is there a list and order of screens I could easily go through to just manually copy the old setting to the new unit? I see this as a one time thing, so not sure that figuring out the pc connection is all that beneficial.

As always, your thoughts and advice are much appreciated!!



  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Hard to imagine that you have not been using the Driveware. The Windows 7 thing, I can't help with. I bought a XP laptop for that reason. You should call tech support. That is you best bet.

  • pangell44pangell44 Posts: 21
    Thanks, DRA.

    I guess I was holding out hope that after all these years, DBX would come out with either their own serial to USB adapter for the 260 or software updates to make the connection easier.

    I've tried to find the recommended adapters but some of the links are so old they don't seem to work and I'm not finding anyone using windows 7 that seems to have instructions on how to connect it.

    I'd love to try Driveware, I just don't know what to buy to connect the 260 to the pc.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Try posting to the PSW (prosoundweb) forum. A lot more users hang out there might give you some better W7 info.

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