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Best-practises for DSP settings?

rajaprukrajapruk Posts: 5
I have a DBX 260 actively crossing my JBL 4365s, and when I use 7-8 PEQs of different steepnes, and especially overlapping PEQs, then I get this metallic feeling to the sound in the high frequencies, and perceived reduced dynamics.
I have read that the steepnes of digital filters affects ringing and overshoot.
If I would upgrade to a better model, like the DBX 4820, will this be better then? I.e better dsp algorithms that are less degrading to the sound? Or is it more the analog part of the device that is better?
As a sidenote, are there any best-practices when it comes to dsp? For example:
"Do not use a higher PEQ Q than X, then it will sound bad"


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