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Advice requested: need a new DJ rig

djrobdjrob Posts: 22
Hi everyone,

I have been doing research on a new system. We're currently using the Bose L1 Model sticks (a pair) for weddings up to 200 and pleased with the convenience and results. We have one L1 Model 1 stick due to our second amplifier failing (and we're not going to replace it).

We also have a pair of EV ZXa5 15" speakers that we'll pair with JBL 18" subwoofers (Mpros I believe). We run this system through a DBX PA+

My question for you, I'm looking to spend between $3,500 and $5,000 for a new speaker system. The ability to expand for larger events would be nice. Various input options are an added convenience. Definitely want powered speakers for tops and subs.

That being said, I've looked a lot at the QSC K and KW series. I know the technology isn't the latest and greatest, but it does have nice input options (e.g. using an RCA to run ceremony music is quick and easy and gets the job done). Additionally, I'm seeing reliability to be good.

My dealer is really pushing me to get a setup made by FBT. Specifically, (2) FBT ProMaxX 14A paired with (2) SUBLine 15Sa cabinets.

Can anyone weigh in? Our company does a mix of school, corporate, and weddings. We're seeing more work for larger events.



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