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How to configure these settings ?

zero55zero55 Posts: 3
edited June 2015 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hello all,
I have bought AG Audio Pro PS-215 speakers, the manual says this :
- delay in : 6,167ms
- low : 90Hz 24db/oct type Linkwitz-Riley
- High : no
- para 1 : -5db on 3550Hz Q=1,78 (0,80oct)
- para 2 : +9db on 17890Hz Q=1,41 (1,00oct)
- limit attack : 8ms
- limit release : 16X (128ms)
On the speaker it says :
-3-way loudspeaker system 2x15"+3"
- Nominal impedance : 4 ohm
- AES : 1000W
- Max.cont.SPL : 131db/1m
- Nominal dispersion : 60° x 40° -6db
- Recommended HPF full range : 40Hz 24db/oct
- Recommended HPF with sub : 70-100HZ

I use them with Electro Voice MTL2 subs.
I've tried to set things up in the Driverack PA+, but i can't find all the settings. Like, i can't set para 2 on 17890Hz, do i select the closest value then ?
Can anyone point me in the right direction ?
Excuses for my bad English...

With kind regards


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Yes. Just get as close to that number as you can.
    Any other questions?

  • zero55zero55 Posts: 3
    Thanx. As close but not over the value ?
    With the PEQ settings, it says Q=1,78 (0,80oct), what and where is 0,80oct ?
    What about the limiter settings, i can't see where i can set the attack to 8ms and release to 16x...
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Yes. I would recommend as close to under as you can get.
    For the PEQ setting, press the EQ button until the PEQ screen is shown. Then press Next or Prev to get to the right page for the low output. The Freq, Q, and db gain areon the same page.
    The limiters don't have that level of detail. Only threshold and knee type.

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