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Align subs to tops

captainbettycaptainbetty Posts: 7
edited July 2015 in PA General Discussion
Hi gang...

Trying to get a handle on the delay section and getting my subs aligned with our tops.

TOPS: Yamaha S215V x2
Bottom: QSC k181 x8

Occasionally playing shows where the subs are out ahead of the mains - usually in a center cluster.

I've been measuring from the front of the subs to the front of the mains. Then I'm told, 'no, do it from the voice coil". Then I read some other ideas reversing polarity on one set, play a tone at the crossover point (100hz) and cycle through the delay till you hit a "null" point of sorts (this article: http://www.fohonline.com/home/28-theory ... nment.html).

Reason I bring this up is that I think doing the delay till null option may get me in the ball park, however I don't think the DPA+ has a polarity flip. My subs do but flipping 8 subs may be annoying.

Any other suggestions?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Invert the Yamaha speaker polarity. If you happen to use banana plugs at the amp, it is really easy. If not, make an adaptor jumper to invert at the amp or speaker.

    However, especially with a center cluster, the distance is going to be different for most seats. Some seats will be much closer to the subs, some much closer to the tops, and some will be perfect. You can lay out the venue to scale and take measurement to various location. Just set so that the majority of seats is aligned.

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