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Difference between DR260 and Venu360

MctwinsMctwins Posts: 113
edited July 2015 in DriveRack VENU360

This new Venu360, has it the same feature regarding the brick limiter as found in driverack 260? What is the difference between these two units?

I have the 260 :D



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    MctwinsMctwins Posts: 113
    Thanks Dra..

    I downloaded the Control App for Windows and play with it a little bit and it looks pretty cool.

    Seems to me that it has the same limiters as in 260. :D
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The one aspect that is clarified in the 360 manual, is that if the Peak-Stop Plus is engaged... it is a peak limiter. If not engaged... it is an RMS limiter.

    One other thing. The control app device must be "connected" to the 360 in order to access the wizards. In other words, you can't select speakers and amps to do an off line set-up. I have communicated with tech support and they are working on allowing that part of the Wizard to be functional.

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