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New to the px

OrthasOrthas Posts: 4
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Hey all

Just after a bit of confirmation
I recently purchased a px second hand and have set up the crossover points as suggested by gadget in a previous post and then used the eagles hotel california hell freezes over song as suggested by members and I have to say after plugging in the px and setting it up it sounded amazing the only gripe I have is that the majority of the music seems to be coming from the tweeter of the speakers and nothing/hardly anything from the main driver. I am using mackie srm450v2 mains and a cerwin vega cv118 sub
Is this normal?
Used it for a covers band gig on the weekend and had the same feeling and it also seemed like the right channel was a bit louder than the left, but after the gig the cooling fins on the back of the mackies weren't any warmer than normal from a 3.5 hour show, although the sound was still impressive I just think im not used to it sounding this way and wanted to get some opinions on it as i really don't want to overdrive the speakers or set it up wrongly

it is a version 1.0 so it doesn't have either of the speakers listed but i set up the crossover points manually after reading most of the posts in this forum over the last few weeks which is also a big reason for the purchase, that and I got a really good deal on it.

Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly recieved



  • DraDra Posts: 3,777

    Please tell me what the x-over filter settings are. Example...
    lows: 40hz BW18 - 100hz LR24
    highs: 100hz LR24 - out

    Also include their gain (db) settings.
    Also, the compressor settings (if used), and limiter settings for each output.

    Sounds amazing but all the sound is coming from the tweeter (I assume you mean the horn in the mackie, and not the whole Mackie compared to the sub?)

  • OrthasOrthas Posts: 4
    thanks for the reply

    yes i mean the horns in the mackies
    set HPF to 45hz BW18 LPF 90hz LR24 then the mackies 90hz LR24

    set the sub about half and the mackies around 42% (11 o'clock)

    compressor off
    limiter on 20db

    thanks again
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Sounds good usually means good. Unless the mackie's x-over is malfunctioning, it should sound generally the same as without the PX, unless the GEQ or PEQ is boosting the 1600hz and above, or cutting the 1600hz and lower.
    If you have access to tones, play a 1khz and see if it is in the horn. That will confirm the x-over function.

  • OrthasOrthas Posts: 4
    I left the geq flat and boosted the low by 3db and cut the highs by 3db (bell) in the peq as suggested in an earlier forum post for my speakers
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