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Verifying my X-over Tweaks DR VENU360

R.LugoR.Lugo Posts: 4
edited July 2015 in DriveRack VENU360
At this moment (testing period) I will use this unit for small-medium venues together with powered JBL's, PRX 712 mains and PRX 715XLF sub-woofers. Later I will explote this unit up to it full potential.
I'm running the Wizard, then I'm doing some tweak afterward cutting the X-over for 2 Mains and one Sub-woofer, following PRX Specs.
Subs: 44hz BW18 - 118hz LR24
Tops: 118hz LR24 - 18.2kHz LR24
0 db Both

Which is the proper system spec for x-over freq's adjustments? ...I know this an eternal confusion !!
Like example the PRX 715XLF --> Frequency Range (-10db) 37 Hz - 113Hz or Frequency Response (+-3db) 44Hz - 91Hz ?

I'm in the leaning curve with the DR VENU360, I had the DRPX, but using wizard with both, I sounded louder with the PX. DRPX used to adjust db's in Auto-EQ and VENU360 don't, any reason for this?? Do I missing something with the VENU360 unit?

Another adjustments recommended for these type or models of speakers ?

Thanks for the support !!


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    My DRPA was always louder than my DR260. I would not worry about that.

    The x-over specs for your JBL rig looks fine, but I would move 118hz down to 100hz.... just a personal preference. No harm in trying a lot of settings and picking the best sounding to you.
    I would keep the 44hz HPF regardless.

    I also recently bought a Venu360, but have only navigated around in the unit. I have not put sound through it yet. Post any tips or discoveries as you acquire them.

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