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RTA mic clipping..

ljonlineljonline Posts: 3
edited July 2015 in DriveRack PA2
I am using the DBX rta mic for the auto eq wizard with 2 xti 2002 amps.

I ran it in a venue the other night and it would continue to give me an error clipping message and I was not able to complete it.

What would cause this?

Thanks. LJ


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Have you used the AutoEQ successfully before? If so, what is different now? Volume, room size, mic distance to speaker?
    If not, turn the volume down (at the amps) or move the mic a little farther from the speaker.

  • ljonlineljonline Posts: 3
    Yes, it worked a couple days before.

    This place was noisy.. a lot of people in there.

    The other place I was using an entirely different speaker system with active JBL setup.

    Turning the amps down makes sense. I will try that this week. I thought the DBX system was going to continue to turn up the volume anyway incrementally so I didn't mess with the amp gains.
  • a61strata61strat Posts: 9
    I've encountered RTA mic clipping as well. Did you run the level assist prior to the autoEQ? I had RTA mic clipping when I was rushed and skipped the level assist.

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