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DriveRack Venu360 with the X32 Routing Question

lilpyrolilpyro Posts: 14
edited August 2015 in PA General Discussion

This is the continuation from my last post “DriveRack PA2 with the X32 Routing Question�
I have traded in the PA2 for the DriveRack Venu360 as “DRA� mentioned that this might be the set up that I needed.
So, my new question is which the best configuration I should use for great sounding (subs)bass from the 360 unit. Remember I have 2 QSC KW153 mains and 2 KW181 subs with the Behringer X32 board configured with the Stereo (L + R) Mains and Mono subs (matrix) set up, as I’m trying to keep the subs separate from the top end speakers for cleaner sound(some reason the vocals was getting into the subs from the DR PA2). Is it better for my subs to be connected to each AUX output ....or can I just use one AUX output and daisy chain/bridge it to the other sub since I’m running mono subs and one less XLR cord to use to save set up and tear down time. Below are the options that I have from the 360 manual:

Application 3: Bi-Amplified Mains + Aux-Fed Subs(not sure if this is the one I need)???

With this set up?

User Preset: #4
Factory Preset: #79
Name: Stereo Mains + Aux Subs x2

Crossover Types

Ref: #37
# Of Inputs/Outputs: 3x4
Crossover Name: Stereo Mains + Aux Subs x2

OR(would this set be better)?

Crossover Types

Ref: #35
# Of Inputs/Outputs: 3x3
Crossover Name: Stereo Mains + Aux Sub

As this I would chain my two subs together.

Please let me know which set up would benefit this systems sound..... :D

Thanks ï?Š



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The 3x3 is the way to go. But, I'd set it up from scratch with the wizard using preset #1. Something about using #35 troubles me. It shouldn't, but it does.

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    lilpyrolilpyro Posts: 14
    Thanks Dra! I will give that a try.... can't wait to use the new DR360 8)
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