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driverack pa/ life! /general questions

preachermanpreacherman Posts: 3
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I worked most of my life as a DJ we never really had speaker management as such, just three amps, bass middle and top, and a general club manager who normally shouted to me 'turn the music down'. I booked carl cox once and spent the night with him in the DJ box- Is there a driverack pa that will help deal with the constant ringing in my ears from past times!!

ok so I have some martin audio aq8`s (three) and a turbosound impact180 sub, and driverack pa.

they say the eq frequency should be 66hz,on the aq8 but driverack does not give that option, should I go slightly above or below 66hz? if you have the binary settings, but cant quite match them, generally, should you go above or below?

the aq8`s info also give the low pass filter as being 22hz, but should i set the low pass filter to suite the sub, not the aq8?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I would set to:

    50hz BW18 - 130hz LR24

    130hz LR24 - out (all the way up)

    The 66hz thing is immaterial for this set-up.

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    hi, thanks very much for the reply, I have some hk audio classic compact 112 subs as well. they have a full frequency input on them, is it best to just sent them the full frequency by setting the lows to out on xover. is that what out is?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I prefer to send an already crossed signal (but it has to be low than the internal filter point) from the DriveRack, but you can. It is best to not mix different sub types, if that is what you are doing. Lots of cancelations form time misalignments.

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