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DRPA on Monitors

Blueyes1971Blueyes1971 Posts: 11
edited September 2015 in PA General Discussion
Hi all,
I have been using my DRPA on foh for some time now and have recently acquired another to run two monitor feeds.
My system consists of
Mackie 24 desk
Crown Macrotech 3600 running peavey dth4 tops
macrotech 5000 ( when using peavey dth-218 subs)
I have two wharfdale SVP-12pm monitors 300w and 2 X passive

I'd like to run my second DRPA on monitors this coming weekend and any advice setting up in the wizard , gain structure, hpf and lpf roll offs, and limiting, would be greatly appreciated. As I'm struggling for time with my gear this week due to work commitments.
Many thanks


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Is that 1 or 2 monitor mixes? It is not uncommon to set an HPF at 100hz (or as high as 120) BW18. LPF between 12k & 15K to your liking.

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    Thanks for your input Dra...2 mixes ideally but one would do also...just not got the time this week to sit down with it before Saturday when I need it all worked out...so if you have the time, a step by step wizard walk through for my needs would be greatly appreciated but any input will no doubt be invaluable .
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    This article will help you. It is conceptually what you will be doing, but just a little different. The main difference is that you will set up a 2 x 4 (though you could still set up the 2 x 6 and simply not use one of the output sets).

    Nut shell:
    Dual mono EQ
    Speakers - custom passive w/ stereo subs OR Custom bi-amp w/out subs (I know the 1st option will use the hi & lo outputs. The 2nd... may also, might use hi & mid outputs, but I think hi & lo.
    Amps - custom
    Mon 1 - Left input > Hi (left) output.
    Mon 2 - Right input > Lo (right) output.

    Mon 1 modules available - GEQ (L), Limit (hi), PEQ (hi), X-over / filter
    Mon 2 modules available - GEQ (R), Limit (lo), PEQ (lo), X-over / filter
    Mon1 & 2 will share the AFS (if one mix has feedback the AFS will alter both mixes, even if not needed in both). They will also share the compressor. If used, make-up gain is NOT recommended.

    Read the link for more.


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    Thanks Dra.... I have the foh sorted so was just wanted a walk through for the monitors.....
    You gave me just what I needed to know without thinking about it with no time before the gig and little time Saturday setting up...
    Much appreciated
    All the best
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    Hi Dra, it seems I've been sent a DRPX ..... Is there anything in you're walk through that would you would change....considering my monitors are powered anyway?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    PM replied.
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    Thanks Dra.
    Saturday set up of DRPX went without hitch....huge help.
    I used the rta to pink the monitors also to great success...even without any tweaking they sounded crisp and true...couldn't have been easier.
    Thanks for your help to taking any thinking out of the setup for me...saved me time to to plug and play.
    I'm going to sell on the DRPX and use my DRPA on monitors in future as I'm about to replace that with a PA2 for FOH...no doubt I'll be in touch again.
    Thanks again
    All the best
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