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PA+ setup with BFM subs

chrismccunechrismccune Posts: 3
edited September 2015 in PA General Discussion
Hi so I;m trying to set my limiters to limit my drivers in my subs to 50v. However i am getting crazy high voltage readings out of my gx5 amps, like 80v. When I run the amps wide open to set the limiters I have to throttle the outputs on the DBX to where they are just barely registering. I need to know the output Voltage of the PA+. If it is +4dbu does that correlate to 1.2vrms? 1.2Vrms is the amp sensitivity for my amps. Im new to all this but just want to protect my drivers.

Also when sending the 60hz sine wave test tone thru the system without limiters set, the low output is registering higher than the input signal. Is this normal? Or is it getting boosted somewhere in the setup? The forum members at bfm tell me to not use the setup wizard because it does weird things to the gain structure. Is there a way to operate the pa+ and create a custom setting without using the wizard? Thx


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    First, this is why running the amp with no attenuation, when limiting is needed, is wrong. Follow the gain set-up in the link below.

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    Only problem with that is that if someone (little kid at a show did this to me) turns up your amps all the way you're not protected. How would you approach this situation if you wanted to run amps at full gain, i.e: no attenuation?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    To limit the voltage that the speakers get, you must reduce the input or the output. I assume that you "throttled" the Driverack using the x-over gains? Nothing wrong with that. You just don't have a very visual meter range.

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