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DriveRack PX v1.0 and B212A

DruideDruide Posts: 3
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Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum. I bought a used DriveRack PX a few months ago after checking the Powered Speaker Library to make sure that the B212A was in the list. I didn't knew there were two firmware version, mine is v1.0 and doesn't have a B212A preset. I've tried different gain level settings and I don't get good results trying to tune my speakers with the Wizard.

Can someone give me some hints on how to set the speaker's gain, the GEQ and/or PEQ in order to get good tuning with the Wizard?




  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Bad news first. The only setting that the wizard will give you is the gain level for the speaker. That's it. The internal DSP takes care of filters, limiting etc. Not that you can't tweak from the PX, but the wizard does none of that for you. By "tune", do you mean using the Auto-EQ? That is a problem. The Auto-EQ can REALLY mess things up if not careful. Rule 1: Always orn operate one speaker (turn off all others). Rule 2: Always set the mic on a bath towel on the floor, chair, or table. point at the speaker, in the direct field of the speaker, and about 20 - 25 ft away ( so that the mic is in the dispersion field of the horn in both directions.
    Good news now. Well, it ain't real good news, but set the level of the speaker to 11 o'clock. If it clips lower to 10. If it is not loud enough (and not clipping) increase to 12, 1, 2, etc as appropriate.

  • DruideDruide Posts: 3
    Thanks Dra, I'll try this.
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