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Cross Over Driverack PA+

Zone3799Zone3799 Posts: 0
edited October 2015 in Configuration Wizard
Hi , I have just purchased a Driverack PA+ , I have checked all videos out on Youtube , Read the Manual and checked out All Forum Topics , being an Old Schooler I would appreciate your advice on setting up the Crossover . I realise with the gear I have ( Will List Below ) that I need to select the custom config . Just not sure where to set crossover point for my setup . Here are my speakers and some hopefully relevant details ....

Subs x 2 Behringer 1800x Passive
Recommended Crossover = 175 Hz

Tops ( Hi's ) JBL SP215-9 15" + Horn 2447J
Freq Range ( -10dB ) 33HZ - 20 kHz
Freq Response (-3dB ) 42 Hz - 18 kHz

The JBL's are full range or Bi Amp , will be using for Mid High's .

Would it be best to to crossover the Sub at suggested or ??

Also with the JBL's I received a pairof tweeters JBL 2404H that can be mounted on the SP215-9 's . Would it be worthwhile or make enough diff to add these ??

Many Thanks in Advance for any help , I have done a lot of downloading and researching but ......


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    45hz BW18 - 100hz LR24
    100hz LR24 - out

    The tweeters addition will be a difficult set-up to get right.

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    :D Thanks for the Fast Response !
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