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DRPA2 set-up advice to run 2 monitor mixes

sayatnovasayatnova Posts: 3
edited October 2015 in DriveRack PA2
Hello Everyone,

I am setting up my DRPA2 to run 2 separate monitor-types (basically, powered guitar amps), each with its' own monitor mix on it. It is what we have and will be fine for our small, 4-person classical/accoustic ensemble... (The mains are on a separate DPRA2 and use 2 @ SRX812ps, no subs).

Monitor set-up:
1 @ Fishman LoudBox Artist amp/speaker = L monitor
1 @ Roland AC60 amp/speaker = R monitor

I am hoping to be able to Auto EQ each amp individually (and have PEQs for each amp). I am assuming that this means I need to have each amp/speaker on a different set of output pairs? So, Should I set-up a 4-way mono for full bandwidth, and set the left monitor to the L high output, and the right monitor to the R mid output on the DRPA2? If so, will the AEQ run 2 times: one for each section? Or, do I run-it for each section, individually?

I am assuming that the AFS is global, as well? This means 1 set of filters for all combined H-M-L output channel pairs out of the DRPA2 (not one AFS per output pair)?

I have read everything on this site for the past few days and am a bit overwhelmed. Just want to be sure I have understood this correctly.

Thank you for the help/info. I appreciate it.



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    What you said is correct in general, but not the 4-way mono.

    In the wizard...
    input will be "stereo"
    GEQ will be "dual mono"
    speakers will be "not listed", "bi-amp", "no subs"
    speakers will be "not listed", "passive", "yes subs", "stereo subs"
    amps will be "not listed"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8wXg8FRyvQ Start at 1:35 for manual set-up. At 2:05, select "dual mono" instead.

    Don't forget that you will have to set the x-over filters to be "full range". The HPFs should be set to about 50hz on each filter.

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    Thank you, Dra, this help me a lot.

    I appreciate your time.

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