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Advice needed - DBX 166XL in guitar pedal chain

GooseMooseGooseMoose Posts: 3
edited November 2015 in Configuration Wizard

Apologies if I am posting in totally wrong part of this forum.

I bought DBX166XL few years ago for my vocal but now want to use it for guitar, for some more tone control, sustain and dynamics.

Problem I have is level of noise coming out of it, which I hear is possibly normal, but what I experience is too much in my opinion.

Ran my Gibson ES335 directly into DBX, from which the signal continued into Fulltone Wah, then into Empress fuzz pedal, MXR reverb/delay pedal, through to Voodoolabs amp selector (have Blackheart 100W and Orange Thunderverb 200W tube amps). I have also tried eliminating everything and just using compressor and one of the amps.

Am I trying to use it for something that it's not meant to do? Found a lot of bass players that use it both at the beginning of the chain as well as in the effects loop of their amps (with a noise gate).

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!!


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    This is really just a driverack forum and not many people here, at that. Try PSW or harmony central.

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