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dBx-m microphone dosen't work???

SkovvangSkovvang Posts: 2
edited November 2015 in PA General Discussion

Recently I aquired the dBx Driverack PA+ and is very pleased with it. However when using the dBx-m microphone (it was a bundle to the driverack) the "spectrum" of the music/pink noise works for few seconds then a fluctuating, equal all frequencies jumping is then present and I'm not able to do any RTA measurements due to this disturbance.

When changing to a cheap Superlux microphone everything is ok, the readings correspond to the rythm in the music and the pink noise if this are selected. The dBx-m microphone is way more expensive and I'm eager to get it into work. dBx tell in the manual that the mic is compensated so that's my take on to get it work again.

Can somebody tell me how to dismantel the mic to check for bad connections (if the phantom supply is not present etc..). It seem hard to remove the xlr connector (even though the screw is removed).

Or from my description is the mic "out of order" ? Anybody experienced similar problem?




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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Yes, I had one go fritzy. Sounded like a jet taking off but with segmented jumps in spectrum, like it was changing gears. I sent it in for repair. I sent in for repair, under warranty. You should CALL tech support.

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