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Newbie / Compromise advice

swetarkusswetarkus Posts: 27
edited December 2015 in PA General Discussion
Quite interested in the driverack pa2 mainly for 2 features;
1. the feedback cancellation
2. the autoeq (despite all the reading in here making me slightly rethink that)

So, scenario;
Looking to invest in a setup with
2 x ZLX12p from EV
2 x Behringer B1200D subs
1 x XR16 digital mixer

Idea then, adding a driverack pa2.

Mainly acoustic gigs with 2 guitars, a keyboard and vocals.
Quite often one-off's at different places ranging from the 50-100 crowd.

Understanding/knowing that the autoeq might not be the optimal tool after seeing the discussions, I must
confess that my homecinema setup which uses Audessey actually works really well. Making me in other words having faith
in the idea, and off course the hope that this simplicity actually works.

If the autoeq really is a "no no" that even can make everything worse, then with all speakers being active,
I'd probably be better off buying just a feedback destroyer.

So, any advice ? thanks in advance...!


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The "no-no" advice is coming from the DRPA, DRPX, etc (older models). Then it is not ALWAYS a no-no, but using the techniques laid out here will make the function very useful, as long as you understand the pitfalls. The PA2 uses a sine sweep (very fast) instead of pink noise (pretty long). The old way was one sampling for the entire room, which is inherently bad. The new way PA2 takes multiple readings from different positions, then averages them. So much better.

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    Great, thanks.... as stated in the topic,, it is by all intents a known compromise,
    but, really like the idea of making it easier to adjust from place to place while still having a decent setup.

    So, will probably push ahead on that !

    Thanks for your help.
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