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No output

a61strata61strat Posts: 9
edited January 2017 in DriveRack VENU360
I had a strange problem with my VENU360 at my gig last night, a standing Tuesday night gig that the 360 has been used for since I purchased it in July. I began by playing mp3's prior to the 1st set. I had ample signal on the analog input meters, and ample signal on the output meters, but no sound on a configuration that has been used for five months.

All the interconnect XLR cables tested good. I re-loaded the configuration - no change. I powered down and powered back up; that got sound output for a few moments, then silence.

Fortunately I have my DRPA2 still in the rack and had the config from the club stored.

Any thoughts on what went wrong with my VENU360?
The only thing I can think of trying is a soft reset, and a factory reset if the former option doesn't work.



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Contact (call) tech support. They very helpful and friendly.


    PS - please post back their response and what the final outcome and resolution if repairs are needed.
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    Harmon DBX support said it sounds like a hardware issue. I'm still going to try the factory reset before shipping it for repair.
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    Following a factory reset, I ran through the setup wizards and my 360 wouldn't produce the sweep for the initial level set in the setup wizard. Definitely hardware.
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    DBX service couldn't determine the cause of my Venu360's problem and sent me a new unit. My defective Venu360 has been sent to the product engineers for analysis.

    Great customer service from DBX!

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    I have same problem with my 360 :(
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    It sounds similar to my issue and others discussed in the thread - Problem in venu360
    Glad they took care of you.
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