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VENU360 correct fuse rating/size

pasikpasik Posts: 4
edited December 2015 in DriveRack VENU360
I got my VENU360 recently, and from the beginning it has had problems powering up.. Basicly the fuse will blow every other time I connect the power cable.
VENU360 comes with two fuses (active, and the backup), and both of those original fuses were rated: T200mAL 250V (here in Europe).

Then I noticed the text label on the VENU360 (next to the power cable connector) says "fuse replacement rating" is: T2.5AL 250V.

So which one is the correct fuse rating? I replaced the broken fuse(s) with a 2A one, and that seems to work well, no more blowing fuse.. but now it's 10x bigger rating than the original fuse(s)!
Was the original fuse(s) wrong rating for some unknown reason?



  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Contact (call) tech support. Please post back their response.

  • pasikpasik Posts: 4
    Dra wrote:
    Contact (call) tech support. Please post back their response.


    Yeah well, I contacted tech support as the first step.. but I haven't gotten any reply to my question from there.. that's why I posted here :)
  • pasikpasik Posts: 4
    Ok, I opened another support case, and now I got a reply. The original fuses were wrong ones / wrong rating, for some unknown reason. The correct fuse rating is stated in the rear of the VENU360, next to the power supply, so the fuse should be 2.5A / 250V.
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