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JBL VRX 932la, SRX 718S, plus crown ITech 4000 set up

Rudolf147Rudolf147 Posts: 3
edited January 2016 in PA Connectivity
hey guys I'm pretty new to this forum so I'm sorry if this has already been asked. (I've done a fair search for it)
I've recently purchased a DBX Drive Rack to include into my system that I'm running:

4 x JBL VRX 932la
6 x JBL SRX 718s
4 x JBL SRX 712 (return monitors)

4 x Crown ITech 4000

Now I'm new to this set up and usually I've been running 4 VRX's off off 2 crown amps and the subs would run off another single amp, with the monitors on there own amp obviously.

what I'm wondering is can i run a FOH system at 2x6 with 3 amps and if so how should i set up the Vrx's??

sorry again as this is probably a really basic question or something I've just overlooked

thanks for any help!!


  • Any help at all would be fantastic thanks!!
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Sorry. A bit confused. You want to triamp FOH, but list monitors. Can you clarify what you want to do?

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