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VENU360 Preset export

AnttiRAnttiR Posts: 0
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Is it possible to export preset from VENU360 Control App to be sent over for a customer as a separate file? Couldn't find that sort of an option. Of course it's possible to import preset from unit into an app and back, but how to export it out from app..

Antti Rintamaki
Product Manager
Studiotec - Finland


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I could not do it. You should call tech support. There has to be a way. Pleas post back if you get a response / solution.

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    On a Windows 7 computer:

    Northern Indiana, USA
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    On version 2.05 for Mac the 4th button across the top is for preset management. When hooked up to the computer you can transfer files to the "Virtual VENU360". Then from the "Virtual VENU360" you can transfer from "Presets in the device" to "Presets in the file system". Unfortunately I haven't found a way to save that as a file outside the software, I would prefer that so I could store customer settings in my folder with all there other settings (console file, etc.)
    But at least I'm able to store it some way. If the dsp got hit by lightning I'd be able to recall most of the settings, but i couldn't email them to my customer to recall. This is a big weakness compared to the DR 260, and pretty much every other dsp I've used, BSS, Rane, Ashly, Symetrix, Yamaha, Peavey, EV, QSC, Shure, Biamp, Powersoft, even Behringer.......wow
    Perhaps there is a way already and it's just a secret :)
    Someone let us know if so.
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