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Nutin2LoseNutin2Lose Posts: 7
edited January 2016 in DriveRack PA2
trying to set up my new DRPA2, none of my amps or speakers are in the wizard
I did Manually Optimizing Gain Structure using https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSv6nxw2T9M
got some settings off of other posts on this forum but not completely happy with the out come
the kick drum was sounding like cardboard and if it was turned up any at all the subs distorted (farted) real bad
also the male vocals when singing lower sounded funny but i think that might have been the Subharmonic Synthesis set to high
i have ordered a RTA Mic but it won't be here for 6-8 weeks

my equipment is as follows

2- DTH4115 http://assets.peavey.com/literature/man ... 301840.pdf
2- DTH218b Each loaded with 2- 1808 AL CP PRO RIDER RB http://assets.peavey.com/literature/man ... 302409.pdf
http://peavey.com/products/index.cfm/it ... r%26reg%3B
2- CS4000 In bridge mode and 1 amp per sub cabinet http://assets.peavey.com/literature/man ... 4080Hz.pdf
1- CS4000 In stereo mode each channel ran to 1505-8 DT Black Widow in each top cabinet
1- CS800S In stereo Mode each channel ran to 44XT compression driver in each top cabinet
http://assets.peavey.com/literature/man ... 304489.pdf

I am running a triamp stereo setup

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
I know just enough about this stuff to get me into trouble......
thanks in advance


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    What are your x-over settings? (and any other setting that might be helpful)

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    Lows set at 40Hz with BW42
    100Hz with BW42
    Mids Set at 100Hz with LR24
    2KHz with LR48
    Highs Set at 2KHz with LR48
    18KHz with LR48

    it was the subharmonic synthesis that was screwing up the low end and is now turned off.....
    I did receive my RTA mic and it does make a big difference.i ran the level and auto eq wizards.....just wondering if my crossover settings for these cabs are right now....
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I would change the 100hz on the lpf to LR24.

    The 2K on the 44xt seems high for a 4" driver. 1200 to 1500 seems more appropriate (unless you drive them really hard).


    PS - the sub-synth is designed for lesser systems. If you need it, your system probably can't take it. Kind of an oxi-moron.
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    i made the adjustments that you suggested DRA and i think we have an awesome sounding PA!!
    thank you very much for your input!!!
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