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Martin Audio F1 System DriveRackPA2 Configuration

SissySissy Posts: 3
edited January 2016 in DriveRack PA2
Hi there!
I'm a new user and I need some help to setup the DRPA2 for my Martin Audio Sound system.

This is my system

4 loudspeaker Martin Audio F1 system https://martin-audio.com/downloads/data ... asheet.pdf
1 Sub-bass system Martin Audio WS218X https://martin-audio.com/downloads/data ... asheet.pdf

High Amp---> 2 YAMAHA P2500s
Low Amp----> 2 YAMAHA P5000s
Sub Amp ---->1 DAP AUDIO CX-3000

Mixer Pioneer

I need to improve it for dance DJ mixing.

I don't have a RTA mic.
Hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance for answers.



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I assume you do not have the mx4? controller? I also assume that you are bi-amping the F1 package?

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    SissySissy Posts: 3
    Hi DRA!
    Thanks for your answer!
    Before I've bought DRPA2, I used MX5 (I still have it). And yes, I Bi-amplify my F1 sistem with YAMAHA P2500(high/Mids) and YAMAHA P 5000(Lows, but set up in DRPA2 as Mids.) In DRPA2 configuration I set up amplifing Lows ( my martin sub WS218X) with DAP AUDIO CX 3000.
    So I set up The DRPA2 as a 3ways sistem and sub... I set up XOVER frequencies as explained in the f1 sistem documents and limiters... It sounds very good... But I think it could sound better... I'd like to set up the subahrmomic sinth, and the PEQ... I don't know...
    Hope I explained my situation as well as you can understand it....
    Thanks in advance...
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Does it sound better with the Martin controller? It should. Have you considered using the Martin on one of the PA2's outputs as a full range controller? You'll still have the AFS, PEQ's and GEQ's, etc, for tweaking. I still used the Yorkville processor with my DR260 and will with my 360. My set-up is a zoned (multi-stage) set-up, and it gives me more outputs available.

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