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QSC KW181 and K12 Configuration with PA+

djrobdjrob Posts: 22
edited January 2016 in PA Configuration Wizard

Been awhile since I've been on the forum, but I have a new system that I need some help configuring. I'll be soon receiving (4) KW181 subwoofers and (4) K12 speakers (from QSC). I have a PA+

First, can you touch on the best way to arrange these? I was planning on putting the 4 KW181 subs in front of the DJ risers we have for at event and then putting (2) pole mounted K12s (on a double yoke) on each side of the stage. This is a corporate gig at the Cleveland Museum of Art Atrium (DJ is setup right in front of the door shown here http://media.cleveland.com/ent_impact_a ... 04ba60.jpg)

Second, should I just use the speakers to do the crossover or should I use the PA+? I would think that the additional features of the PA+ would be nice but then I need to make sure I have the speaker settings correct.

Thank you for your time and Happy New Year.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Try using both ways and see what does best. Sometimes a packaged system will function best as designed, but other times not.
    As far set up... hard to determine without input from the corporate contact. Depends on where they want the energy and if they want talking zones, etc.

  • djrobdjrob Posts: 22
    Thanks, DRA!

    Is there recommended crossover setting for this the K12/KW181 setup?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The manual for the K series states that the K12 has a 100hz x-over. The KW series also states a 100 hz filter.
    So... 100hz LR24 would be best. The sub will have the proper HPF, but you could add a fail safe at maybe 30hz (steep slope)

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