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I need personal tutoring on DR260 where can I find someone

DjCanDo!DjCanDo! Posts: 9
I need a tutor to help me with my setup anyway possible of someone able to help me over the phone? How can I reach someone without breaking any rules.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Have you viewed the the tutorial? http://dbxpro.com/en-US/training_modules/58 Or watched youtube videos?

  • The thing is for all the YouTube videos I've watched there's certain question I have that are not covered and the couple I think are excellent don't apply to me because I don't use self powered speakers. My offer still stands
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    What are your questions?

  • I want personal contact with someone to help me. I'm OldSchool and posting questions to me is frustrating because I put out 5 questions then right after those I have 20 more. Would love to be in contact with someone I can give my personal contact info and for us to talk no matter if there is a fee to pay.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I would be glad to help, but my schedule doesn't allow much time to talk on the phone. My answers have to be in short bursts of time, and also when time allows. Below is a link that is very useful for general set-ups.


    The link below will bring up a really good list of topics, from which you can detect whether they would benefit you or not. They were written by a user / moderator to help answer some questions that were asked over and over again.


    If it would be helpful to you, you could list your gear (Mixer, amps, speakers, stereo or mono), how you would like to set them up, and what functionality you need. I can build you a file and email it to you. Then you just have to import it into the 260 and you are done.

    What city are you in? Perhaps a user on another forum might be willing to help.

  • Ok here we go even though I don't have the memory to ask everything I want to know as would in a phone conversation here's my setup, I have a 2x6 setup in which I have a crown 6002 for lows using 4 18" 18sound lw1400 in Cerwin Vega earthquakes is what I use for lows, I have a crown 4002 using 4 15" 18sound mb700 for mids, a QSC gx7 even though I think is an overkill for highs it's all I got. I use it with 4 PRV 280ti compression drivers with a 16" wide third party horn flares along with 4 PRV 350ti bullet tweeters as my highs which are built in to the top part of my mid-tops. Now I'd like to know several things one is I've never used the sub harmonics and should I. Two what settings should I have for I/O. Three, what crossover points should I have and what filters should I use for the given slopes. Four, how do I set my limiters so I'm protected especially on my highs amp that's too much wattage for my highs. I also read that I should to avoid blowing my highs, should wire them in series, is that so? What other features on my DBX260 should I be concerned with delay, asfs, compression? The DBX260 is an awesome unit but I feel I will never be able to unleash the full potential of it for the lack of knowledge Itll take me a long time by bits and pieces of Intel that take forever to acquire through these post I have my eyes set already on the dbx360 and I haven't even begun to understand fully the potential of all features of the 260 I want to know the why to things and that's why I'm in search of a DBX260 mentor aka Tutor to contact me and conclude all the mysteries and questions I have, and so I know it's complex over the phone to me seems like a better platform than hundreds of posts in a forum, also I don't want anyone to get it twisted I'm not complaining about my dbx260 I see it as even though I know my settings are probably all jacked up I know I'm not where I need to be with it but I'm not where I used to be either with out it thank God for that and you guys for the platform to vent about it.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You are right. With your experience level and home rolled speakers, you need hands on help. Even phone help would not be much help at all.
    I recommend that you join PSW (Pro Sound Web).
    Post to the "Lab Lounge" section. Something like...

    Topic : Help tuning speakers with Driverack 260

    Speaker components:
    18" 18sound lw1400 (4)
    15" 18sound mb700 (4)
    PRV 280ti compression driver (4)
    PRV 350ti bullet tweeters (4)

    Crown 6002
    Crown 4002
    QSC GX7

    I am located in ____________, and would like to pay someone to configure the 260 and tune my system.
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