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DriveRack PA2 issue - Wizard does not detect my sub

mikecoloradomikecolorado Posts: 2
edited January 2016 in PA Configuration Wizard
The Wizard does not list our JBL speakers – we have two mains – JBL PRX712 and one sub – JBL PRX715XLF. I have tried either selecting similar speaker models listed on the wizard, or have tried choosing “unlisted�. Is this the issue, or am I okay selecting “unlisted�?

I am able to get the wizard to detect the main speakers, but am unable to get it to detect the sub signal. When I got the unit last fall, I was able to get the wizard to sense the sub a few times, but now am totally unable to get it to sense the sub. I am not sure I followed the same exact sequence each time, as we were doing sounds check before a gig. However in a controlled environment, I cannot figure out any additional options to get it to work. I have not used a wireless connection, iPad, etc. - anything fancy. I am just trying to step thru the wizard via the interface on the unit

I tried to download the firmware update in case that would help, but my windows 10 PC does not allow me to download as it tells me the file is corrupt/dangerous. Would obviously also like to know how to do this. Did not see detailed instructions in the manual.

When it has worked, it is awesome. Please help, as it is useless at present.


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    Wow. 4 years later exactly, and zero answers. That's concerning, especially since I'm having the same issue on 4 channels.

    Auto EQ/Levels won't detect mains or subs, and displays "signal not detected" every time I run auto levels/eq. I've disconnected and reconnected. Powered on and off. Turned gains up and down. Nothing works.

    It worked fine in the past...always with the most current firmware (from 2017 I believe).

    Any solutions out there? Seems Harman doesn't care to address the question.
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    mrfoxxmrfoxx Posts: 1
    Just experienced this myself last Saturday......
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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,379

    Please make new posts in the current threads and not in the archive or contact Tech Support directly.

    Closing this thread.

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