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New control app version and VENU360 firmware

a61strata61strat Posts: 9
edited February 2016 in DriveRack VENU360
New version of the DRV360 control app is available, V2.0.5, and firmware version 2.0.4.
The control app is available through the DBX product page, but the firmware link still says version 1.1.4.
I happened on 2.0.4 when I connected the app and DRV360 to my wi-fi network rather than my on stage ad-hoc wireless.


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    Hello, I'm new user of Venu360 BUT :? :
    - original software version was upgraded to,
    - last WIN app 2.0.5 wants upgrade Venu360 software min. to version, but I can't to download this version from DBX sites ("signature of this software is corrupted or invalid"), older version I can download without problems.
    This processor is one year on the markets. Does it exist some functional combination??? :x
    I'm using WIN7 with IE...
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    It's not possible to download last firmware from dbx sites. Any help???

    EDIT : Problem solved - download with Chrome and Smartscreen OFF helped (in IE download not working)
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