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Problem in venu360

newsonnewson Posts: 5
edited January 2017 in DriveRack VENU360
Product purchased new ha less than two months.
Operating normally and the music just stops playing ..
The normal display, leds operating normally, showing the input signals and output.
making the shot, put again and the music will start playing normal.

After normal functioning of 10 to 40 minutes is the same.
Any idea?


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    The problem persists.
    Efetuei the reset procedures manufactures and no improvement.
    I request a replacement?
    Some guidance?

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You should contact tech support.

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    I just had a Venu360-V with the same problem, outputs muting intermittently. Waiting to hear back on return authorization. unit is 7 months old. No advance replacement for it...
    Anxious to see what they say is the cause.
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    Well, the unit just got it back, not bad considering the holidays. It says they found contact issues with the power supply harness to the mainboard. They say they performed updates to the power supply to mainboard harness and tested. Hopefully that means that newer units have something done to them to keep this from occuring, especially since I just put another one in...
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Thanks. Good to know.
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