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Looking at getting the DriveRack PA2.....

SoulnificentSoulnificent Posts: 2
edited February 2016 in PA General Discussion
Good evening people,

I have solely QSC speakers. 4 K8's, 2 K12's, 6 Ksubs, 2 KW153's, 2 KW152's & 2 KW181. I do sound services in various settings and venues. I use a wireless system at times for flexibility of placement of sound. I will have several different set ups and this is why I am looking at the PA2! I would like to get some advice on anyone who is using a wireless system and the PA2. I have an idea of how to set up but I am looking for additional ideas/support. I have the Alto Live 1202 mixer. Please give insight/input on whether I should go the PA2 route especially with me using a wireless system 60% of my sound gigs.

(4) K8
(2) K12
(6) KSub
(2) KW152
(2) KW153
(2) KW181
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