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X/over settings

Zone3799Zone3799 Posts: 0
edited March 2016 in Configuration Wizard
I am setting up a new old school system , I have

Pair Jbl 18" Passive Subs

4 x Jbl Sound Power Passive 15" and Horn Boxes 215-9 with passive x / overs

4 x Pair Passive Jbl Tweeters 2404

My question is can I use the driverack PA+ crossover settings to configure as a 3 way Setup ?

Thanks in Advance ....

Lows = Subs
Mid = 15 + horns 42hz - 18hz - Would I set the mid xover 42hz Out ???

Highs Tweeters 2404 Frequency Response ( ± 3 dB): 4 kHz to 19 kHz



    Same post three different places.

    I would put the low cross over frequency @low 40hz(41hz) to 71. (maybe 90hz)

    The mids from 71(90hz) to 3khz

    and the tweeters 3khz and up.

    At least as starting points.

    but you should be able to do what your are thinking.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Tweeters min at 5k. Probably closer to 8-10K.

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