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DRPA+ Peavey QSC Crown

TeoyaomquiTeoyaomqui Posts: 19
edited February 2016 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi, great forum with really useful information.

First, I look around and could not find the info I need...again.

This is what I am have:

---16 channel PreSonus.

---2 SP4 (2x15")
---4 Peavey PV 215 (2x15")
---4 SP2 (1x15")[in storage need crossover fix]

---2 Peavey SP 218
---2 Peavey DTH 215b Concert II

---1 QSC RMX 5050
---1 QSC RMX 1450
---2 QSC PLX3602
---1 Crown K2

Any new recommendations changes and settings on the DRPA+.

I think the Peavey settings are wrong in DRPA+. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

What is the best combo to use and crossover settings?

Before getting the DTH Subs I was using this.

Per side

1 Peavey PV 215
Crown K2 Stereo
@ 300 RL24
Bridged Tweeter to SP4 Tweeter.
1SP4 (2x15")only 15"
QSC PLX3602 Bridge
@ 300 RL24 - 70 RL24
1 SP 218
QSC MRX 5050 Stereo
@ 70 RL24 - 40 BW18
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