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stage monitor setup

scorp50scorp50 Posts: 15
edited November 2017 in Configuration Wizard

whats the best way to setup 2 x FOH auxes for stage monitors.
What processing does each send receive. ie are they independant of each other.

Does DBX have a downloadable monitor eq.

I'm using a DRPA+, 4 x Yamaha cm112v's, driven by a Yamaha P5000s.

FOH DRPA2 4 x C118V's, 2 x C115V's and two P7000s amps.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    So 2 mixes on 4 speakers?

    Set up a 2 x 2 (stereo full range).
    Configure the DR to dual mono (stereo unlinked).
    Set an HPF @ 100-150hz (to eliminate stage mud and give better vocal clarity).
    Set a LPF @ 12Khz or so.
    All modules are linked per output band.

    If you want separation you will need to read this instruction. viewtopic.php?f=60&t=2228 You will need to adapt to your specific needs but the info is there. AFS is still linked, even in this set-up.

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