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xover on a dbx venue 360

NdreamsNdreams Posts: 10
edited April 2016 in Configuration Wizard
hello, to everyone,

i have a venue360, and unfortunately don't have a type of xover that I need!

maybe this is not the best way, but can the engineers of dbx improve the xover abilities in the next firmware, please ;-)
like complete open xover instead the preset types.

here goes the one I deply need:

L&R highs on 1 and 2 outputs
L&R mids on 3 and 4 outputs
mono Low on 5 output
mono Sub on 6 output

it seems to be very simple, but the venue don't do this! at least I don't know how! if I'm wrong please tell me how can I do it.

good sounds to you all :-)


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If you are using the control ap.... System set-up should be stereo 3-way (HML).
    Select configure. The bottom (3rd) x-over should be changed to Mono Full Range. This will automatically change it "mate" to the same. You'll have to unlink all the modules (PEQ, Limiter, etc).
    You must also sum the inputs (I assume A + B) on each of the mono filters we just changed.

    Does that help? Any other questions?

  • NdreamsNdreams Posts: 10
    thank you, Dra,

    but i already tried that with no success :-(

    because, two things: the AEQ must be the same, because it is the foh PA system, only one rta is made.

    second: I need a extra freq on xover, i.e. 4 way xover,
    highs and mids with stereo signal
    and low and subs with mono,

    it was so nice if venu can do this, but with this firmware, don't see how... maybe next, finger cross! :-)
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I did it pretty quickly.

  • NdreamsNdreams Posts: 10
    thank you DRA,

    but maybe i'm doing something wrong... but in this way when I do the RTA, will only do one AEQ at time,
    and the RTA try to eq all freq, dispite of the Xover cuts, so the venu try to compensate all freq... in final one of the great features will became turned off.

    but in tomorrow show I will recheck this, maybe I'm wrong

  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    This is close to what you want. Not sure why, setting up exactly what you wanted is much easier with the 260. Manually correct anything outside each division's bandwidth in the AEQ.
  • NdreamsNdreams Posts: 10
    thank you DRA,

    maybe in the next firmware, fingerX
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