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DR PA2 Set up

rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
edited March 2016 in PA General Discussion
I replaced my DR PA+ with the new PA2 and my subs sound dead. I setup PA through the wizard and followed it step by step. I had a decent sound with old PA+. Here is setup:
2 PRX712's for mains
2 SRX718's powered with Crown Xti4002 bridged.
Seems 712's are doing all the work taking all bass frequencies with hardly anything coming out os 718's. Any tips for getting this right or tweaking I need to do?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    How is the x-over set? How was it set in the PA+?

  • rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
    Ran wizard and set Subs @ 80Hz with PA+ and I did same with PA2 but getting no results.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    So the PA2 set the subs at 80hz?
    Set the subs HPF to 40hz BW18, LPF to 100hz LR24
    Set the tops HPF to 100hz LR24

  • rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
    Thanks... Will do and see how that works.
  • rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
    I did those settings but also found the Wizard set Sub Gain @ -14.8dB... Sounds like night and day now. I tried with mp3 music and real test will be full band.
  • Hello I am New to drpa2 I got 2jbl eon 15 and passive subs b52 running 2 qsc 2450 bridge on each sub but my subs sound dead not strong enough on the low end any suggestions on settings? All I do is set the wizard with the mic and that is it please help thanks for your help
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