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Help to Clean Up Bass

TopherMTopherM Posts: 7
edited March 2016 in PA General Discussion
I run EV ZXa1 highs SPECS: http://www.electrovoice.com/product.php?id=1004 with dB Technologies SUB12 subs SPECS: https://www.gearclubdirect.com/db-technologies-sub-12-powered-subwoofer/.

I practice proper gain structure. I typically cross at 100 hz and have the subs go down to about 60 hz.

My problem is that my low end is a bit too boomy, and I need to be a bit more punchy. Is this as simple as raising my low end point so the subs are not getting as low of frequencies? The bartenders complain that the bass is too "loud," but I think what they mean is that there is too much kinda muddy rumble. I need it to be more intelligible and less like a badly tuned hip hop car stereo. Know what I mean?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Try this. Take the HPF down to 50hz BW24.
    Go into the PEQ for the sub. Set the frequency to 100hz. Set the Q to maybe 6 or 7. Set gain to -6db. Play typical music. Scroll the freq down until the mud goes away. The play with the Q and cut amount until it sounds best. The lower the Q, the wider the filter.

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