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cascading 2 dr venu 360

NdreamsNdreams Posts: 10
edited April 2016 in DriveRack VENU360
hello to everyone :-)

I use a 4 or 5 way system, normaly, but the venu360 is only 3way out in stereo

I don't want to use two of them in mono because, the RTA/AEQ and more practical to process the stereo signals only in one processor,


i'm thinking on cascading two venu360, i.e.:

highs and mids on outs 1 to 4

and then route the signal to the other venu360 using the outs 5 and 6, without any processing

and must put the delay on highs and mids to adjust with the latency of the second venu360.

the question is:

am I forget something?, to keep the alignment of the signal?,

because I have to buy the second unit, I wondering if this is a good option,



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    See if this thread helps. Provides stereo highs and mids, with mono lows and subs. Not 5-way though. viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3946

    Your plan would work just as well with a used Driverack 260, or even a DRPA. Better limiting capabilities with the 260 over the DRPA.

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