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Crossovers, Speaker Tunings, Amplifier settings

judeacousticjudeacoustic Posts: 11
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I'm currently setting up a new DR VENU360 for my PA system. Stereo Mains(Community SLS960's and occasionally SLS920's) and Mono Subs (4 JBL STX828s boxes). Tops are powered by a QSC PL380 run in Stereo 2 boxes per side. Subs are each powered by a single bridged QSC PL340. There are no settings for either of these amps. How might I give the DRV360 some useful parameters? Also, I have found the tunings for the Community Speakers. On both the tops and subs is it necessary for me to repeat the Shelving at the crossover point? Must I shelve in both the PEQ (tuning) and the crossover section or will the crossover section be sufficient? Thanks in advance, judeacoustic


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Plug in the I-tech 5000hd or Micro-tech 5000i. They match the stereo and bridged wattage.
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Not sure what tunings that you have, but 100hz work for either top's x-over point.
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    Dra, those amps match the specs of which of mine? Tops powered by UNBRIDGED QSC PL380 and SUBS powered by Bridged QSC PL340's . And is it necessary to have the crossover point in the crossover and the the speaker Shelved at the same frequency? Seems redundant.

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Pick either amp. It matches the amps you have.
    The 380 in stereo / 4 ohms = either amp in stereo / 4 ohms.
    The 340 bridged / 4 ohms - either amp bridged / 4 ohms.

    The wattages of the amps aren't exact, but are pretty close, and the difference tops to subs, is also pretty proportional.

    All you have to do is look them up and compare. Here, I will show you.

    380 / 4 ohms stereo = 2500w
    I-Tech / 4 ohms stereo = 2500w
    Macro-tech / 4 ohm stereo = 2500w

    340 / 4ohms bridged = 4000w
    I-Tech / 4 ohms bridged = 4000w
    Macro-tech / 4 ohm bridged = 4000w

    The x-over filters are the shelves. Do not re-filter them in the PEQ. The PEQ shelves are when running full range. You are not.

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    I've tuned three different sets of Front of house speakers in the software per your advice. I hit two 'unsures.' The Vrms settings (I left them alone around centered) and the gain settings that were either 15 or 20. I assumed that these were tied to the Itech5000HD and on my QSC's I have a switched choice between 26 or 32. I chose 20 in the software but will manually scale the system to unity gain starting low and working up till I find the correct dial settings on the power amps. If you see anything fundamentally incorrect in this process, feel free to point it out. Thanks, Jude
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The Macrotech 5000i have 26 & 32db gain selection also. Try that one. A better match.
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