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Limiter Values??

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What values are OverEasy 1, 2,3 4 etc

I need to set my subs up for 100v


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The limiters on the PA & PA+ are not brick wall / RMS. They are peak. There is no "1 = 50v, 2 = 55v. 3 = 60v" etc. Those number simply set how far below the threashhold the limiting starts (the size of the knee). OverEasy Off means there is no knee and the limiting start at the threshold set.
    The limiters will squash the peaks, but the average voltage can push right to the peak level.
    For example:
    Your sub is rated 400/800/1600w.
    You power them with a 1600w amp.
    The peak limiter is set to stop peaks that exceed 1200w, because you are cautious.
    Let's say for discussion that that puts the power interring the speaker when the limiter first triggers is 300w cont / 600w prog / 1200w peak.
    If you increase the mixer's output, the limiter will continue to limit the peaks, and you might get 350/700/1200. You are still ok.
    If you increase the mixer's output more, the limiter will continue to limit the peaks, and you might get 400/800/1200. You are now bordering failure.
    If you increase the mixer's output more again, the limiter will continue to limit the peaks, and you might get 600/1200/1200 (smoke and seizure). Up to the point where you in theory have 1200/1200/1200 (fire), yet you are still protected from peaks over 1200w. But a lot of good that does you.
    This is why you need to know what the meters are doing. The more they "bounce" when the limiter led is firing, the safer you are from continuous voltage levels.

    The set the limiter to a voltage you will need a volt-meter and a tone generator (or a recording of a tone at least 30 secs - 1 min). Pink noise is hard to use because it has a crest factor. Unless you have a peak hold function (more expensive models) a regular meter can't detect the values. The tones that you need just needs to be within the full bandwidth that you are operating in. For example, if you subs are high and low passed at 40hz and 100hz, stay away from those areas, because they are filtered (reduced) and taper off. In this case a tone in the range of 60-80hz would be the best choice. Or you can open up the crossover to be full range and use any frequency tone that you want.

    Set the meter to AC volts (the lowest range that includes your target voltage). You need to make a banana - banana cable. The meter end will need to be singles (duals generally are too far apart). If you are bridging, depending on the amps layout, you may need single bananas (or bare wire) on the amp end as well. Speaker wire is not needed. 20 or 22 awg hook-up wire will work just fine. If you can't reach your target of 100v, without clipping, then the amp isn't big enough.

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