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Setting gain structure on powered speakers

QualityTreatsQualityTreats Posts: 2
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Complete driverack ignoramus here. My only experience is with the AFS2.

So, my questions are...

I'm running RCF745s and RCF8004s - assume two of each at the moment.

I've been reading about setting gain structure - which I'm familiar with as a rule... but with regard to powered speakers, would disconnecting the speakers from the onboard power amp and then running the pink noise test until the clipping light peaks be a viable solution to set the optimum gain for power speakers? Otherwise, from what I've read, we make do with setting unity gain/12 o'clock on the gain dial on the back of the speakers?

Would it best to use the crossover built into the 8004s, or would it be beneficial to try and separate the two out - note: can't bypass the crossover completely on the 8004s.

I'm contemplating buying a drive rack PA2, purely for the ability to get a quicker setup time with regards to tuning the EQ to a venue... I haven't had opportunity to test one out so would be buying blind - but could somebody shine some light on the process of using the mic and the audible sweeps that I have seen on the Youtube videos? Is it literally one swoop (e.g. laser beam kinda sound for want of a better word) per channel per mic position - or are the videos edited down to just make the point of what will kind of happen?

Also, can the wizard be instigated/or at least controlled after pressing the button - from the app? I've downloaded it but it's pretty useless without having a unit to connect to.

Thanks :)


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I would not go to the trouble of disconnecting the amp module. 12:00 is a reasonable starting point, but I like to run a quiet system since the nature of a lot of my work has a lot of silent moments. For this I play a CD (or computer file) then pause it bring the faders up where they typically might be. I adjust the gains on the powered speakers to where the hiss is silent or at least at an acceptable level. On mine, that is about 11:00.
    The speaker will likely go into limiting before peak. You can judge if the gain is too high or too low by monitoring the mixers and driverack meters and seeing if the speaker is into limit during performance. If the mixer is bumping red and you need more output, turn up the speaker until it limits (or you are too loud). Just make sure that the Driverack is not limiting at all during this.
    If you plan to do a lot of correction with the output PEQs than I would use the driverack for the x-over. If not I think I would simplify and use the subs' x-over. If you use the driverack, engage the 120hz setting on the sub and set the x-over in the driverack at 100hz RL24.

    Each sweep takes about 1 - 2 secs. It takes way more time to move the mic.

    I have the Venu 360, but the ap is probably very similar to PA2. I have only done the wizard AUTO EQ one time and I think (think) I did it with the ap. I use a laptop, not a tablet.

  • swetarkusswetarkus Posts: 27
    Unfortunately, I'm now 100% convinced that the issue is with the PA2.

    Tried changing the signal sent to mono.
    Set both incoming signals on the mixer to mono
    swapped cable - 1 side (left vs right)
    swapped cables completely

    Tried the -4 / + 10 (or if it's the opposite) setting,

    regardless of all tests - left SUB channel's headrom show approx 5-10db less than the right.
    This stays the same however I do the above tests.

    - limit off
    - eq off
    - comp off
    - well everything = off !

    No idea why and, it is ONLY the sub channel as the high channel is even throughout the tests.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You posted to the wrong thread.
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