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System gain setup question

swetarkusswetarkus Posts: 27
edited May 2016 in DriveRack PA2
My inexperience stops me from drawing the right conclusion....
setup is pa2 - XR18 mixer - 2 seperate AMPs driving the;
- Tops 15" + horn
- Subs 15" only ( same woofer/make as top)

So, following the setup guide from the manual (pa2) about gain setup.
- speakers out = check
- Pink noise in through the mixer with fader + master fader at 0 - gain until 0
- everyhing "off" on the pa2 in terms of eq, afs, limiters, etc.

Running the test, zeroing everything, everything seems leveled except..
the OUT signal from the PA2 where all 3 low/mid/top are show, shows a noticeable
difference in level between the right & left channel. The high channel doesn't ?

there's no left/right options set at all on the mixer and the (combined) level looks ok there,
so, why the difference between right/left on the OUT - LOW on the PA2 ?

Only thing in my mind that could cause this would be if the pink noise somehow is uneven
in the sub region of the signal.

Otherwise,,?.... I mean - the out signal is what the PA2 itself is creating.

Also, on the AMP driving the subs, there IS a difference with the incoming signal
of course between left & right because of this....

I'm possibly just missing something obvious, by can't sort it out.

- signal -a pink noise 15min mp3 file is play from a PC via USB to the XR18 mixer.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    1) If the PA2 is configured for stereo 2-way (passive w/ stereo subs), the mid's should not have output on the meters.

    2) Are you feeding the pink noise into a single channel panned to center, or a stereo pair with pans to L & R?
    If stereo, make sure that the channel EQs are the same (and -0-).
    Make sure that there are no compressors, filters, limiters, etc active on either channel being fed the pink noise.

    3) Make sure the mixer outputs don't have any of the above active either.

    4) Perhaps try this first. Swap inputs into the PA2 and see if the meter levels "flip" sides.

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    swetarkusswetarkus Posts: 27
    Everything fed through "clean" meaning, I've disabled all compression, gate's, etc
    Feed is L/R combined/joined channels in stereo,

    but, as you say, and I should have thought of as basic fault searching, yeah, will try by swapping the
    input into the PA2 and see if the error moves with the swap.

    Mids = muted and nothing connected,
    on the PA2, everything's been zeroed and/or disabled...

    As an update; I've emailed DBX suppor and see what they say.
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