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Balancing GAIN across mixer/ driverack venu360

judeacousticjudeacoustic Posts: 11
edited July 2016 in DriveRack VENU360
With the help of the forum here I've gotten my driverack venu360 up and running behind my Behringer X32 Rack. Marked difference in the subs with clean tight bass and plenty of headroom left. I've noticed that the input/ output meters of my driverack barely flicker the second light (30 SIG) when my mixer is at (0 SIG) unity gain. Since my speakers and amps are not part of the wizard settings, and because I like to know where everything stands based on the output of the mixer, and to more easily find the sweet spot of my amplifier outputs to match, How do I adjust the input (up to near 0 SIG) in the driverack and then the output (up to near 0 SIG) on the DRIVERACK to fall slightly (and not so far below) the output of my mixer? It will help me fine tune all the protections the driverack offers and establish unity gain across the entire mixing/ processing/ amplifying of the system. Thanks in advance. Jude


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    OK. I did a little research and found this in the manual. (reference pg 48 "tip", pg 49 note "4", & pg 87.)
    The 360 has input settings of +14, +20, +24, & +28 (dbu), and output settings also. The outputs are automatically set if your amps are selected in the wizard, if not you have to manually select them based on your amps specs.

    The x32 has a max output of +21 dbu. You can select +20 or +24, then adjust the input masters to compensate for the difference. Be sure to do all three inputs masters.
    Mixer's max = M,
    Driverack's input setting = D
    Adjustment to Driverack input mixer = Adj
    For +20 dbu setting: Adjust the input masters to -1 dbu. 20-21=(-1)
    For +24 dbu setting: Adjust the input masters to +3 dbu. 24-21=(+3)

    I am glad you asked this question, because I was unaware of this feature..

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    SteveArsSteveArs Posts: 2
    Hey Dra -

    Can you help me find where to adjust the input sensitivity on the VENU360? I'm having a similar problem and have tried everything that I can find via the iPad application to adjust the input sensitivity, all to no avail.

    I have the XR18 mixer, running stereo mains with dual mono subs (all PLX3602 and EAW speakers). I've done the unity gain configuration with pink noise, and still have to run the amps wide open; amps barely flicker the +10 light, and only very rarely.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Open the AP. On the left side, just to the left of the INPUT ROUTER are the 3 numbered black boxes. These are the INPUT MASTERS (IN1, IN2, IN3). Each one has to be opened and adjusted (if this is where you want to reduce the signal).
    Almost dead center, are the OUTPUT MASTERS. The are also black and probably (depending on configuration) labeled A, B, C, or MIX, etc. Open each one and adjust the signal as needed.

    In case you haven't figured it out yet, you aren't adjusting the sensitivity per se. You are adjusting the actual level as it enters and exits the 360.

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    SteveArsSteveArs Posts: 2
    As always, thanks Dra! You are an asset to the community - thank you!
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    I'm gonna be changing the amplifier for my mains. If I simply change amp's out and leave the input sensitivity at 26 db and match it on the new amp (a crown iTech 4000 with DSP adjustable input sensitivity set to 26 db) will I be good to go? Is there a way to just get into the setup and modify the amplifier only without having to go through the entire wizard again? Thanks in Advance
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    "TIP: If re-configuring a preset which was initially configured using the Setup Wizard, you will receive a prompt asking if
    you would like to, “Start from default settings?�. Select the “YES� option to default the Setup Wizard settings and start from
    scratch. Selecting the “NO� option will present the Setup Wizard with the options selected when initially running the Setup
    Wizard to create the preset. Note that if you’re updating a preset by re-running the Setup Wizard – for example, if you’ve
    upgraded amps or speakers – any changes that were made to the preset in Configuration mode or to processing module
    settings will be lost!
    Therefore, it’s recommended that you first copy your stored preset to another memory location before
    re-running the Setup Wizard. This way you can use the original preset for reference and copy/paste processing module
    settings from the original preset to the new preset

    Quite frankly. I am confused as to the difference in YES & NO.
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