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DBX PA2 & JBL JRX 200 Series

Uncle GeorgeUncle George Posts: 32
edited June 2016 in DriveRack PA2
Hi to everyone…

Although the JBL JRX200 series belongs to Harman Group and is relatively “old� (release on 2013), unfortunately there are no tunings for it… :(

1. Does anyone have any information if and when there will be relevant update (tunings) at PA2?
2. By using a set of JRX212 + JRX218S, is it acceptable (or even completely correct) to use preinstalled settings (at PA2) of JRX112 + JRX118S?
3. If not, at least what is the correct cross point - crossover settings?

Thank you in advance…


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Yes that will be fine, though I prefer 100hz LR24 rather than the 125hz BW24 the Wizard may recommend.
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    Thanks a lot Dra...

    So, till we re going to have official tunings (I wish to) of JBL JRX200 series, I will use your suggestions...

    By the way, who is "responsible" for tunings in this case, JBL or DBX?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I can't say with any certainty.
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