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Venu360 for our PA system

roneysmathewsroneysmathews Posts: 13
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Hi guys,

I just ordered a DBX Venu360 for our church venue, should be reaching me sometime next week. Our current setup uses a Presonus SL 24AI mixer connected to 2 FOH Line 6 StageSource L3T speakers and a mono signal going to the Line6 Stagesource L3S subs. We wanted to use the DBX to setup a Xover using the Venu360 to Xover from the mains of the mixer to the FOH and mono the Subs. Can anyone let me know if these speakers are available in the DBX venu360 at the moment for auto setup? or would I have to go the manual route?
I know these speakers are not the greatest for Live sound, we plan to upgrade in a few months, but for now this is what we have to deal with.

Additionally, can anyone tell me the stages in which i need to run each of the auto-blocks in this unit?

Thanks for the heads-up.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    No. Those speakers are not in the Wizard. But you can download the control app and play with the system set-up.

    Additionally, can anyone tell me the stages in which i need to run each of the auto-blocks in this unit?

    Not sure what you mean by this.
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    So I finally got the unit however I am unable to setup the Xover frequencies for these speakers correctly. Can anyone assist with what settings I should put for the Mains (Line6 StageSource L3t Powered speakers) and Subwoofer (Line6 StageSource L3s Powered Subwoofer) in the Stereo Speaker with Mono sub configuration.

    Please guys, I would really appreciate if anyone can tell me the values for how they should be setup for Xover and power amp settings and how they need to be configured.

    Thanks guys

    My gear
    Presonus Studio Live 24AI mixer
    Line6 StageSource L3t for FoH
    Line6 StageSource L3s Subwoofer
    Line6 Helix
    Les Paul Studio Pro 2014
    Digital Audio Labs Live Mix AD-24 Personal mixing system
    Sure SE 535 IEM with Sennheiser ew300 G3 Wireles IEM
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I requested info on your matching thread. FYI, this is the proper forum for 360 questions.
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    So here is what I gathered from the manufacturer (Line6) and supplier. Please help me in setting the values for the custom speakers.

    "The L6L3T and L6L3S are powered cabinets with active DSP. I would put NO extra processing on the cabinets, as they do not need it. Do not use the Crossover, Limiters, or Parametric EQ on the DBX as they are already built into the cabinets. The only thing I’d use the DBX for would be Graphic E.Q (to tune the speaker system to the room) and the feedback suppressor to get rid of unwanted problematic frequencies.

    I recommend this exact procedure with all Yorkville powered cabinets when they are used with our ART SMS226, and VTC DLMS4080 processors. Send the outputs of the mixer to the inputs of the DBX, and take the “High/Mid� out into the L3T and Sub out into the L3S and run two full range signals (let the DSP, crossovers and limiters do all the work as they are intended to do). They may want to add a bit of subharmonic synth if desired. Not too much, as those speakers are only dual 12’s."

    Here are the specs of the speaker as well:

    Frequency Range (-10db) 40Hz to 19kHz
    (+3db) 47Hz to 18kHz
    The L3t is a tri amp loudspeaker
    LF1 Low pass is at 250Hz
    LF2 to HF Crossover is anywhere from 2.2kHz to 7.0kHz (Depends on speaker mode)
    Maximum Gain Input is +25dBu (This is Gain at minimum and 20 dB pad on.
    Gain range is Infinity to +57dB
    Onset Limiting Occurs at +7dBu (Master level control at Center)
    -5dBu occurs at Master Level at Maximum.

    Freq. Range (-10dB) 34Hz to 2.8kHz
    +3dB 38Hz to 910Hz
    Max Input Level +20dBu
    Limiting +11 dBu (Master at Center)
    -1 dBu (Master at Max.)

    Please let me know how to configure the speaker from these values provided by the Speaker manufacturer and distributor. Additionally, would the Venu360 be an over-kill for my current need and if so, which would the right Drive Rack to use for our current speaker. Would i need to turn off the Crossover, Limiters, and Parametric EQ on the Venu 360 and use it only for GEQ, AFS and subharmonic synth?

    Kindly let me know your thoughts, so I can make a decision and set it up for this weekend.

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