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Uncle GeorgeUncle George Posts: 32
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Some “special� questions about using these options…

1. By following the instructions of manual, we have to take sound samples based on a virtual equilateral triangle, where the top of it (mic position #1) is our “main sound target�.
But, if we want (for any reason) our “main sound target� to be (much) longer (than the top of equilateral triangle), what should we do? Take samples based on a virtual equilateral triangle OR take samples based on a virtual isosceles triangle?

2. In case that we choose AutoEQ = Flat, then complete the AutoEQ Assist with maximum accuracy, then use Pink Noise generator and Real-Time Analyzer (at mic position #1), BUT we (finally) “discover� that they are a lot of “differences�, what should we “trust� in this case? Results of AutoEQ OR Real-Time Analyzer and why?

3. By using Level assist, PA2 manage only the parameter of sound balance OR more parameters and which of them?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    1 - The multiple mic positions are primarily to get an average of the room and how reflections, cancellations, summations, etc are different throughout the listening area. Better to have an average good, than to have some areas great and others horrible. Hence, the multiple mic positions. I wouldn't interpret the #1 position as the main target, but rather in the direct path of a speaker and least affected by the speaker on the other side of the room. The other positions simply introduce a more and more equal signal from each speaker.

    2 - Do a pink sample and save the result as "My band". Re-do with the sweep and change back and forth. Go with what sounds best (or has the least feedback if that is your primary concern). Maybe average the 2 and see if that sounds better.

    3 - I believe that the level assist just detects if the Hi & Lo bands (or mids if used) are equal in energy and recommends a change of level for the offending band. I say that because if it did anything else it would do them also for a full range (one output) set-up, and since there is no level assist for a full range set-up, it must not do anything else.

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    Dra, first of all, thank you so much for the reply - info...

    Concerning my 3rd question, to be honnest, I didn't notice that "there is no level assist for a full range set-up". But in situation of a 2 way (monitors + subs) array, how PA2 change the level of the offending band? By changing the gain (of the offending band) at crossover section? If so, that changes would be obvious but (I think) they are not... :?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I don't think the Driverack changes anything. It just informs you what to adjust and how much.

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