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DR PA2 Connection for 2 Crown XTi4002 Bridged Subs

rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
edited June 2016 in DriveRack PA2
I'm running 4 JBL SRX718 Subs. I'm going to bridge each XTi4002 and run 2 718's on each amp. How do I connect the 2 amps to the DR PA2 if I'm setting up each Crown XTi4002 Bridged Y Input? Do I Link them together? Do I need a Y - XLR Cable in order to Y Channel 1 & 2 of one 4002 into Left input and vise-versa on the Right input of DR PA2 sub inputs? What do you recommend? Please advise.


  • Hm...

    - SRX718S = 800W @ 8Ohms (single) = 1600W @ 4Ohms (2 speakers in parallel connection).
    - XTi 4002 = 650W @ 8Ohms (dual) = 1200W @ 4Ohms (dual) = 3200W @ 4Ohms (bridge).

    First of all, in this situation you definitely have to choose "Input mode = Y" at XTi 4002 (#1) and XTi 4002 (#2). Thus:
    - PA2 Low/A @ XTi 4002 (#1) Ch1/In
    - PA2 Low/B @ XTi 4002 (#2) Ch1/In

    By my opinion, to choose "Output mode = Bridged" is risky. Except if you will set Compressor & Limiter at very low levels...
    From the other hand, if you choose "Output mode = Stereo" you will not get the "maximum volume". But (probably) is a better choice...

    In any case, i don't understand why you need - use 2 XTi 4002 amplifiers (in the specific situation). :?
  • rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
    Wanted to use 2 XTi4002's for 4 JBL SRX718s.
  • Ok, but is an excess setup! Definitely you don't need so much "power"! I would suggest that only in case of 8 SRX718s... :wink:
  • rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
    What would be recommended amp/connection setup for 4 JBL SRX718's?
  • In your situation? Simply use one Crown XTi 4002 amplifier with four JBL SRX718S (2 on parallel connection per channel)... :wink:
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If you are using this for a band, bridging might be OK. If you are a DJ, then 3200 watts is way too much power for those subs.

  • rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
    It's for a contemporary Christian band.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Well that can mean a lot of things (death metal, hardcore rap, etc), but I'll assume a little more tame.

    Bridging would be ok IF control is used, but to be honest, try it not bridged and see if you have enough volume and headroom first. Do you want your speaker to last 2 years or 20 years?

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