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ToutsiToutsi Posts: 9
edited July 2016 in PA Connectivity
I have the following :

Crown Xti 4000 (1)
Crown Xti 2002 (2)
InterM M1000 (3)

JBL EON 305 Passive (4 speakers) (4)
Dap Audio Woofer (not sure about the model) (5)

and of Course DBX DRIVERACK PA2 :mrgreen:(6)

I want to make a correct wiring and setup I read the manual but I have some basic questions as far I am not somuch familiar with sound setups

*Firstly EON 305 is a 2-way speaker so the only way to connect them is to use both MID & HIGH over one Amplifier right ?If not , How can I make a Full Range setup (wiring) ?

**If yes , then I just need a pair of speakon NL4 cable to run from amplifier to the speakers...
I am using parallel connection between the 2 pairs of JBL EON 305 Passive(4)

***I will probably use the 4000(1) over the MID & HIGH and the 2002(2) for my woofer

****Is there any way to make Eon 305 in Full range setup ? Maybe without paraller because eon 305 have 2 inputs ?

https://www.jblpro.com/ProductAttachmen ... EON305.pdf


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I am kind of confused about what you want to do with your system.
    If you want to run your 4 JBL speakers, 2 each paralleled on each side of the Crown 4000 amp, as highs, and your 1 DAP speaker on the Crown 2002, then this is the connection.

    PA2 Hi (L) ----> 4000 (L) ----> JBL #1 ----> JBL #2
    PA2 Hi (R) ----> 4000 (R) ----> JBL #3 ----> JBL #4
    PA2 Low (L mono) ----> 2002 ----> DAP

    (I don't see how the 1 DAP speaker will match up well with the 4 JBL speaker,)

    Without info or specs on the DAP speaker, I can't recommend x-over settings.

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    ToutsiToutsi Posts: 9
    I was planning to do the following:

    Use the 2002 for High
    Use the 4000 for Mid
    Use the 1000 for Low

    To get Full Range setup

    Let's put the paraller on the side and think it with a pair of speakers

    The speakon cables has 1,-1 , 2,-2

    I split the speakon cable in 2 parts

    the 1,-1 will be at the 4000 MID
    and the 2,-2 will be at 2000 HIGH

    so the cable is like that

    SPEAKER 1,-1,2,-2
    >>> 1,1||||2,-2 AMP
    I attached a photo

    My question is If that split I did with the speakon is correct
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The info on the spec sheet says nothing about b-amp capabilities, nor the individual hi and low driver power handling. The speaker input jack only references +1 / -1 used and full range.

    To bi-amp these speakers, the internal x-over must be eliminated and connections made straight to the horn and low drivers. You said that you were not good at sound stuff, so you are over your head on this. Bi-amping is for advanced knowledge levels. Without tuning parameters (which you don't have, because JBL doesn't offer them for a passive-only speaker) the speaker will never sound as good as the passive x-over will give you.

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    ToutsiToutsi Posts: 9
    I understand what is bi-amp I can do it but you said it will be useless as far jbl is not giving the parameters. ..

    So I will connect the 4000 to speakers
    And the woofer to the 2000
    Both over speakon nl4 without splitting

    Are there any special parameters I have to do at the dbx I had some issues with the tweeters the wiring was a mess ... now I am waiting for the speakers because I send them to replace the faulty tweeters
    If you are familiar with the dbx setup please let me know in order to help me if is possible ...

    Thanks for your time !
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You have just one woofer? Is it an 18", 15", or what? Any model # or other info on the input plate? Without something, it is hard to make a recommendation.

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    ToutsiToutsi Posts: 9
    DAP SM-18B MKII Speakers 1x18" HF Driver 500W 8 Ohm
    Technical Info :

    Woofer: PA-18100220JM
    Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
    RMS Power Rating: 500 Watt
    Program Power Rating: 1000 Watt
    Peak Power Rating: 2000 Watt
    Frequency Response: 50 - 250 Hz, -3 dB.
    Frequency Range: 40 - 300 Hz, -10 dB
    Efficiency: 103 dB/W/m Half Space
    Dimensions: (LxWxH) 515x560x700 mm
    Net. weight: 45 Kg

    that's my woofer

    As for the input I have Pioneer DJM-900NXS

    http://www.pioneerdj.com/en/product/mix ... /overview/

    If there is any place where can I read about dbx setup rather than manual and some official videos simply let me know !
    I am not familliar with sound etc. but I want to learn
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777

    Youtube it your friend for driverack videos.

    I'll have to think about setting your x-over.

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    How are you intending to set this all up? Are the 4 Eons just for coverage, or for max volume?
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    ToutsiToutsi Posts: 9
    I make all that effort and personal work in order to get the best result while staying in safe zone i dont want to replace more speakers again ....
    some parts of the old wires where naked and i believe that was the reason .....

    as I said I want the best We can
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Let me rephrase that. How are you going to use the system?
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    ToutsiToutsi Posts: 9
    Everyday Use the only input is the Pioneer DJM-900NXS and one microphone nothing else!
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    What I am trying to learn from you is...
    What kind of events will you be using this for?
    Will the music be played VERY loud?
    Will you be driving the all the Eon 305's to their full volume capacity, or at least to their amp's full capacity?
    I ask, because a single 18" sub will not be able to balance to 4 of those Eons, unless the Eons are turned down quite a bit.

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    ToutsiToutsi Posts: 9
    Live Djs and parties
    Last time I measure the dB was around 120 to 150
    For now because I dont want the amps to fail I have decrease the level in order to avoid clipping but as I see the amps leves should be full and the dbx manages them I attach a photo of my current amps levels
    some detaisl about what you see
    the 2000 and 4000 are bridge and connected to the eons
    the 1000 is for the DAP
    I am using them like that and never amps fail or clip and just to let you know I started all the in order to make my audio better (wiring,settings balance limiters everything needs to be resetup)

    yes I want to be able to play with their full volume capacity

    Keep asking me for anything you want even if you want details etc. and again I really thank you for your help!!
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Those amps in bridge mode are way too much power for the Eons. As a DJ, the music you play is highly compressed. That means the speakers don't have time to rest and cool down between notes. The heat builds up and the speakers fail. Speaker manufacturers suggest matching amps at the program power of the speaker. For the Eon 305, that is 500 watts. Many professionals recommend only using the continuous power rating for DJ work. For the Eon 305 that is 250w.
    For you, giving them 250w is the safest amount of power, and your speakers will last for a really long time. Giving them 500w is somewhat safe, but damage may still occur, due to the typical DJ music.
    The difference in output volume between 250w and 500w is only 3 db. 3db difference in volume is very small.
    Power compression in the speaker is also a factor. There is a point where more power (watts) going to the speaker does not equate to an increase in sound, only an increase of heat.
    Having said that, this is what I recommend, based on your use and set-up.

    1) Do not bridge any of your amps.
    2) Use the 2002 for all 4 of the Eons.
    3) Use the 4000 for the DAP.
    4) Set up the DRPA2 for Stereo with mono sub.
    5) Set up x-over.
    Highs: HPF - 55hz LR24
    Lows: HPF - 40hz BW18 LPF - 80hz LR24
    This overlap is not ideal, but may be necessary because of your limitation of 1 x 18" sub vs 4 Eons. You can also try slowly increasing the 55hz up to 80hz, listening for the best sound as you move it.

    Your gear:
    XTi 2002 - 800w @ 4 ohms (2 Eon 305's paralleled on each channel = 400w each)
    XTi 4000 - 650w @ 8 ohms (DAP sub on one channel = 650w)

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    ToutsiToutsi Posts: 9
    I did all that but definetly I need more power .. so they suggest me the Jbl Prx-412M what you thing ?
    Any suggestions ?
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